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Failing to Communicate the Risks of Mutual Funds

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Most investors understand mutual funds to be highly diversified investment vehicles with a high level of safety. Mutual funds are often considered a good choice for retirement investment portfolios for those seeking a high level of income while preserving assets.

This reputation is not necessarily well deserved. Some mutual funds subject investors to enormous levels of risk — and some mutual fund companies and brokerage firm tell investors this. But some do not. Still other brokerage firms misrepresent risky mutual funds as those that are safe.

The securities fraud attorneys at Dimond Kaplan & Rothstein, P.A. (DKR) have represented a number of investors who lost money in mutual funds described to them as “an alternative to a money market account” (one of the safest investment vehicles available). Some of these mutual funds have lost 50 percent, 70 percent, as much as 90 percent of their value.

DKR pursues securities arbitration claims for clients seeking to recover investment losses they suffered when brokers steered them into mutual funds that are unsuitable for their risk profile.

  • Did your broker misrepresent the high-risk nature of the mutual fund he or she proposed you purchase?
  • Did your broker fail to disclose material facts that would have made these risks clear?

You may have a case. Contact a lawyer experienced in mutual fund fraud at our Miami or West Palm Beach law office for a free initial consultation. We represent investors in Florida and around the country in securities arbitration and securities litigation, including mutual fund fraud cases.

Our goal is to help our clients recover financially from investment losses they suffered due to dishonest brokerage firms, improper trading practices, and negligent stockbrokers. Our securities lawyers have recovered millions of dollars of clients’ investment losses in a wide variety of securities cases, including mutual funds cases involving Oppenheimer, Morgan Keegan, and Highland Floating Rate Advantage Fund.

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