GoDaddy Class Action Lawsuit in the Works

Potential GoDaddy Class Action Lawsuit in the Works

DKR Asks Arizona Judge for Class Certification

Dimond Kaplan & Rothstein, P.A. (DKR) has asked a federal judge in Arizona to grant class certification in the GoDaddy Class Action Lawsuit against popular website domain registrar The lawsuit relates to claims the website and hosting company sold Microsoft Office products that lack certain features that exist in the identically named product that Microsoft sells directly.

GoDaddy Misrepresentation Lead to Class Action Suit

DKR filed the lawsuit on behalf of Ventures Edge Legal PLLC under Arizona’s Consumer Fraud Act. The lawsuit alleges that failed to tell consumers that its Office 365 Business Premium plan was a “watered-down version” of the one sold by Microsoft. Ventures Edge is claiming that anyone who bought the plan after November 13, 2014, is affected and should be eligible to be part of the class action lawsuit. Ventures Edge claims that every Office 365 Business Premium plan sold by lacked some of the features that exist in Microsoft’s version of the identically named plan that Microsoft sold.

The lawsuit was filed in September 2015 and claims that Office 365 Business Premium cannot generate reports for managing and monitoring security and other aspects of the service. Users also are prohibited from adding alternative supplemental plans that users purchasing directly from Microsoft can add, and GoDaddy’s version does not give administrator access to alter other features of the product normally available to users.

If class certification is granted, there could be hundreds of thousands of potential class members. According to Ventures Edge, individual issues are not a hindrance here, since GoDaddy’s plan either has the functionality that is offered with Microsoft’s version or it does not.

Certification in GoDaddy Class Action Lawsuit Widens Case Size

Class certification would allow purchasers of GoDaddy’s Office 365 Business Premium Plan who do not have the time or resources to file their own lawsuit to benefit from DKR’s lawsuit.

Stay tuned for regular updates. We will continue to post here as the case progresses.

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