Understanding Securities Fraud by the Numbers

Infographic: Understanding Securities Fraud By the Numbers

Securities Fraud: By the Numbers

Securities fraud is the all-encompassing term used to describe any kind of deceit, from churning to embezzlement, “pump-and-dump” to Ponzi schemes and everything in between. As technology and the types of communication continue to evolve, the definition of securities fraud is constantly expanding. This past year was one for the record books, with an incredible 868 enforcement cases filed in FY2016 exposing financial misconduct by companies and their executives alone.

In order to encourage employees to report financial misconduct, the federal government has expanded its whistleblower program, offering protection (and in some cases money) to employees whose original information leads to the successful prosecution and payout of an enforcement action.

Understanding Securities Fraud Fines

This past year, approximately $4 billion in regulatory penalties and fines were paid by companies accused of wrongdoing, of which $57 million went to various whistleblowers for providing critical information in prosecuting fraud at the corporate/company level.

Securities Fraud in 2016

This infographic describes the types of fraud that occurred during Fiscal Year 2016. Understanding Securities Fraud by the numbers is crucial to understanding the variety and kind of securities fraud that can happen.

$4 Billion | Paid in disgorgement and penalties from judgments and orders to remedy corporate wrongdoing

$57 million | Amount in awards distributed to whistleblowers in a single year

868 | Number of enforcement actions filed in Fiscal Year 2016 exposing financial misconduct by companies and their executives

160 | Number of record high cases involving investment advisers or investment companies in a single year

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