Jury Convicts Man in $2 Million Investment Fraud Scheme

Jury Convicts Man in $2 Million Investment Fraud Scheme

A Pennsylvania businessman has been convicted on fraud charges by a federal jury for bilking investors out of some $2 million. Albert Majkowski Jr. was found guilty on a trio of wire fraud charges and two tax evasion charges for using investors’ money for his own benefit.

Businessman Sold False Promises

Majkowski was indicted in August 2014 on allegations that he used investor money to help develop and market his own ideas through connections he had with various companies. Prosecutors alleged that the money Majkowski ultimately took was deposited into personal accounts and those belonging to family members.

The indictment filed says that Majkowski used investor funds for a variety of personal expenses, including travel, motocross racing, the purchase of a recreational vehicle, payments related to maintenance and boarding of a horse, college tuition for his children, and alimony to his ex-wife.

According to court filings, Majkowski told investors that he was independently wealthy and that he had successfully launched a variety of businesses in the past. This apparently was not true.

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